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Practitioner Workshop

The Live Sessions have concluded, but you can now purchase the recordings! Once purchased, you will have immediate access to the recordings and the slides, and you'll have access for one year. You also have the option for choosing your start date, so if you want to purchase and start at a later time, you absolutely can. Scroll to the bottom of this page to purchase.

You don't need to be a practitioner to purchase, students are welcome! 

Topic's covered in the workshop:

Session #1

-My story - my education and career path

-Setting up your systems - things to consider in the beginning

-My favorite business tools

-Tips on how to price and how to schedule 

-Basic info on LLC's, insurance, taxes

-Setting proper expectations

-Discovery calls and applications

-Networking locally

-The biggest mistakes I see new practitioners make

Session #2

-Tips for growing your Instagram account

-Finding your niche

-Tips for growing your email list

-Scarcity isn't real

-Setting boundaries

-Avoiding burnout

-Difficult clients

-Client fails

-My biggest mistakes

  • PractitionerWorkshop

    A workshop for new and growing practitioners
    Valid for one year
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