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What is HTMA (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis) Testing:

This method of testing utilizes a small hair sample to test for minerals and heavy metals. It identifies levels of minerals/metals as well as ratios (you can see a sample test report here). Mineral and metal levels are important not only because improper levels can result in health imbalances, but also because these levels can impact our energy levels and even our personality. Minerals are needed for the production of all enzymes, hormones, and proteins in the body, and having the right balance is essential to health. We are all exposed to heavy metals on a regular basis through food, water, cookware, personal care products, and more. These toxic metals can replace essential minerals in the body which can result in a myriad of health problems over time.The goal using this form of testing is to bring mineral levels back into balance and reduce heavy metal imbalances over a period of time. The length of time required depends on the level of imbalance (more on that here). 


HTMA’s test 20 minerals/metals as well as important ratios. This information assesses the thyroid, adrenals, digestion, oxidation rate, as well as stress patterns that are specific to the individual. This can help identify physical as well as lifestyle factors that may be playing a role in current symptoms. 


What to Expect:

Depending on your specific mineral pattern, it’s likely you will experience more fatigue in the beginning. You may need additional rest, so it’s best to start this process at a time when you’re able to give yourself extra sleep and rest as needed. You may experience subtle positive emotional shifts before you notice physical shifts, this is very common. As we replace essential minerals and detox heavy metals, this helps to balance the central nervous system. 

Mineral balancing supports drainage pathways and the detoxing process in a profound way. It’s not uncommon to cleanse other toxins during this time (parasites, mold, yeast, etc). It is really a full body approach. The goal is to support every organ system. Digestion is a huge piece to that puzzle, we need to support the body so that it can properly break down and assimilate nutrients, this in turn helps to support the body receiving essential nutrients through food. 

Mineral balancing is not a quick fix. Depending on how severe the imbalances are, it may take many months to begin noticing improvements and it’s not uncommon to feel worse in the beginning as we start to unravel years of depletion. Many clients remain on mineral balancing protocols for at least 6-9 months, and often a year or more depending on the level of imbalance. It’s really important to understand that everyone’s experience will be different, and to understand that the improvements will take time. You must be committed to the process in order to have the best results. You must also be willing to adjust your diet and lifestyle. Often, a persons lifestyle is contributing to severe imbalances. If you are someone living under extremely stressful circumstances, you must be open and able to adjust your approach to sleep, stress, nourishment, etc. If you aren’t willing or able to make these changes, I would ask that you wait to apply until you are in a better place to bring forth those changes.



-For testing - you will need to be able to cut a small amount of untreated/uncolored hair directly from the root using scissors. Instructions will be sent with your sample kit. If you have recently colored your hair, you will need to wait at least 8-10 weeks, until you have about an inch of fresh growth. I am only able to work with clients who can provide a hair sample from their head.

-I am only working with adults at this time. I will be screening applications and choosing clients that feel like the right fit, both intuitively and based on the information provided. 



If you apply and are accepted, the process goes like this:

-You purchase the test from me, I send you a hair sample kit within 2 business days

-You receive the kit, collect your sample, and mail in your sample

-It takes about 2-3 weeks from the time of mailing for me to receive the results. Once I receive notification that your samples have been received by the lab, I will email you to get our 90 minute intake appointment booked. In this appointment we will cover health history, health concerns and goals, review your HTMA results, and discuss the protocol and lifestyle supports.


Going forward, we would meet monthly in the beginning (30 minutes appointments) to touch base, adjust dosage as needed, and troubleshoot as needed. If more support is needed during the month, shorter 15 minute appointments will be available as well. If all is going smoothly after the first few months, we can taper down appointments and only meet when we have test results to go over. 


Cost: (this is an introductory price and may go up in the future)

-The HTMA is $200, retesting occurs (on average) every 3-4 months

-Appointment costs vary, a 90 minute intake appointment is $375, 60 minute appointments are $250, 30 minute appointments are $125

-Protocol costs average $200-300 per month

-Once through your intake appointment, you can purchase a package of 3 or more appointments for 15% off. 


If you would like to apply for this service, please go HERE.


**It's important to know that HTMA is not a diagnostic tool. I do not treat or diagnoses disease. Instead, it identifies areas of imbalance and ways to support the body holistically. **

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