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Worm Hole: A Deep Dive Into Parasites and the Human Body

Join my colleague Kristy Robinson and I as we cover many topics related to parasites including symptoms, transmission, a deep dive into specific parasites including a mini section on identification, parasites and their relationship to other illnesses, and so much more. Learn more and purchasing using the button below


-Over 4 hours of video lessons

-200 PDF downloadable slides 

-42 lessons

-9 quizzes

-Live Q&A if you sign up before March 25th

-Case studies available to practitioners in mid-April

Module 1: Why Care About Parasites, Types of Parasites (overview), Symptoms of Parasite Exposure
Module 2: Parasite Transmission, Factors that Increase Susceptibility, How to Reduce Exposure
Module 3: Parasite Deep Dive
Module 4: Die Off Symptoms, Full Moon Cleansing
Module 5: Parasites and Other Illnesses
Module 6: Parasites and Other Toxins, Parasites and Food Allergies, Are All Parasites Bad?
Module 7: Anti Parasitic Foods, Anti Parasitic Herbs, Anti Parasitic Supplements, Herbs vs Homeopathy 
Module 8: Parasite Biohacking
Module 9: Why a One Size Fits All Protocol is Not Our Approach, Testing For Parasites
Module 10: Live Q&A: recorded and available to watch
Module 11: Case Studies - Available to practitioners who submit proof of certification

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