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Transitioning Back to Omnivore Course

In this course I cover my own journey of transitioning back to omnivore after being plant based for 8 years. I discuss (briefly) the ethics of meat consumption, tips when bringing meat and dairy back into the diet, and I share the specific supplements that I took to support myself and minimize symptoms that may occur. You can also expect to hear some other dietary and lifestyle considerations when transitioning, and I share many resources for supplements, books, and farms to check out. There are 5 modules in the course, over 60 minutes of video lessons and downloadable slides with clickable links. In addition, you will also have the opportunity to ask questions after the course if you have anything specific that wasn't discussed in the course, or if you want me to expand on further topics. I will record a follow up video once I have enough questions submitted. Once you purchase using the link below, you will receive an email with a link to access the course, or you can click here to login. Your purchase includes access to the course for 1 year.

  • Back to Omnivore

    Transitioning Back to Omnivore Course
    Valid for one year
    • One year access to course
  • Water

    A Dip Beneath the Surface
    Valid for one year

Check your email after purchase to access the course, or click here and sign in to get started! 

Worm Hole: A Deep Dive Into Parasites and the Human Body

Join my colleague Kristy Robinson and I as we cover many topics related to parasites including symptoms, transmission, a deep dive into specific parasites including a mini section on identification, parasites and their relationship to other illnesses, and so much more. Learn more and purchasing using the button below


-Over 4 hours of video lessons

-200 PDF downloadable slides 

-42 lessons

-9 quizzes

-Live Q&A if you sign up before March 25th

-Case studies available to practitioners in mid-April

Module 1: Why Care About Parasites, Types of Parasites (overview), Symptoms of Parasite Exposure
Module 2: Parasite Transmission, Factors that Increase Susceptibility, How to Reduce Exposure
Module 3: Parasite Deep Dive
Module 4: Die Off Symptoms, Full Moon Cleansing
Module 5: Parasites and Other Illnesses
Module 6: Parasites and Other Toxins, Parasites and Food Allergies, Are All Parasites Bad?
Module 7: Anti Parasitic Foods, Anti Parasitic Herbs, Anti Parasitic Supplements, Herbs vs Homeopathy 
Module 8: Parasite Biohacking
Module 9: Why a One Size Fits All Protocol is Not Our Approach, Testing For Parasites
Module 10: Live Q&A: recorded and available to watch
Module 11: Case Studies - Available to practitioners who submit proof of certification

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