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Follow Up Scan

Your purchase will include an immediately accessible document with instructions on how to collect and mail in your samples (you will also be emailed the document as well).


A follow up scan includes everything on the Comprehensive Scan except for energetic food/environmental sensitivities




-Resonating Toxins (heavy metals, chemicals, parasites, virsues, bacteria, and mold)

-Nutritional Imbalances

-Hormonal Imbalances

-Most Significantly Stressed System(s)

-Customized Supplement Regimen


Please check out the FAQ's below for more info. Once your samples are received, your scan results will typically be compelted within 5-7 business days at which point you can set up an appointment to review the results.




-Bioenergetic scans are non-invasive and can be completed at home. You will send in a hair and saliva (or saliva and nail) sample. You will need a q-tip and two ziplock bags to collect your samples.


-It is preferred that you stop taking all supplements for 3 days prior to taking your samples, but do not discontinue any necessary medications (prescriptions), or any supplements that you depend on (ex: you can't sleep without taking magnesium, don't stop taking it).


-In order to have a scan, you must also set up an appointment to review your results. You can choose a 30, 60, or 90 minute appointment.


-I will have your results within 5-7 business days of receiving your sample. We will review your results together in an appointment and you will receive a detailed report of the findings.


-Please remember that this test is not diagnostic. It will identify energetic patterns of imbalance and help identify how to support the body back into balance.


*By purchasing this scan you fully acknowledge and agree that none of the information contained within your reports will be taken as a diagnosis.*

Follow Up Scan

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